Synbio(Synthetic Life in New Media Art)

Synthetic Life in New Media Art  ‘Synbio Life’ is focused on ‘synthetic biological life in new media art’ by using synthetic materials with biological data. This project includes three main parts: a computationally coded synthetic yeast video, an acrylics (a synthetic material; created during the Industrial Revolution) installation and the movement of gears (one of the symbols of the industrial period). The intention of this project is to encourage a higher level of collaboration between the biological components and the synthetic aspects of the materials and design through the coded video. The aim of this work is to provide a more familiar feeling to the general public about this new media art, by providing an understanding of the concept of synthetic biology. Furthermore, I also intend to provide an impression about how such binary matters can be combined, such as living and non-living, organic and inorganic and human and non-human by the development of technology and science, especially the science of synthetic biology.