Changduk Palace


Video Art
by Yunjeong Jang(Directing&Editing), Jungwoo Lee(Sound&Camera), Kyongkyu Choi(Camera) in 2016.


In Korea, 4 palaces are placed in only Seoul and that have been popular tourism sites not only tourists but also neighbours because those particular patterns can not be found anywhere except Korea. This video is absolutely concentrated on characteristic of Korean traditional patterns and we intend to show these patterns by Kaleidoscope. Through the Kaleidoscope, we can try to imagine original shapes of Changduk Palace and picturing is more likely due to lots of people and real images in this video.
To sum up, we suggest an unconventional view to see the particular Korean palaces and those traditional patterns.



via Final Cut Pro, Motion5, Ableton live 9 and Canon 750D