Lolli Rolli ver2



Fabric, Technology, Pixel Art

by Yunjeong Jang(Yunny) and Youngji Zoe(OZZO) in 2015



Fabric(Silk), Formax, DC Motors




For making this ‘Lolli Rolli’, we got inspirations from Islam – religious dance – ‘Sufi Whirling'(Sufi Spinning). We didn’t get inspiration from religious ideology but we got inspired from beautiful movements of Sufi dance. Imagine when Sufi dancers rotated with the fastest and the biggest movement, shape of their skirt would be perfect circle. This is 3-Dimensional artwork but Yunjeong(Yunny) and Youngji(OZZO) intend to show it as 2-Dimensional artwork as well by hanging it on the wall. When Lolli Rolli didn’t rotate, it’s folded as flower or wavy skirt. When it rotate, the movement of each circle seems to be stopped or not stopped. These colourful pieces with all different sizes of circles make us keep watching the ‘Lolli Rolli’.


Lolli Rolli is similar as human beings which seems similar to each other but not totally much similar with all different shapes and different characteristics. Also human beings life is repeatable with daily routine and we can find out that repeatable lives via Lolli Rolli.