Lighting Pole



‘Your Interactive Safe Guard’

Interactive Lighting Art, CPTED Project

by Yunjeong Jang(Yunny), Inhwan Lee, Hyungsoo Kim, Soyul Park in 2014



Acrylic, Iron plate, Formax, LED


Lighting Pole is CPTED(Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) project for preventing crime from criminals. The purpose of this project is block the potential opportunities for crime through physical environment system occurring in dark alleys. There are plenty of researches such as ‘Effects of improved street lighting on crime’, The Campbell Collaboration-Institute of Criminology, by Welsh Brandon P and Farrington David C which refers to the influence of lighting improvements on crime. When a tentative victim approach to Lighting Pole in the gloomy alley, the Pole turn on immediately then a potential criminal cower himself. That means the Lighting Pole lets the culprit diminish a criminal psychology and it’s effective way in the prevention of committing crime. Finally, the citizens reduce the anxiety of delinquency and lowering crime rates.

We set a target place in Ihwa town, South Korea where is the highest crime rates among close regions especially sexual offences of women and there are few street lights due to characteristic complexed alleys. Moreover, the Lighting Pole is also more economical than establishing street lights. For that above reasons, we planned this project and make a Lighting Pole.



via Arduino, Adobe Illustrator