Synbio Life (final show)

As being confirmed the theme as the synthetic biology and yeast growing, I would like to put different symbols on each gear sets. The biggest gears 800*800mm, I put the symbol of the industrial period and industry itself using the factory symbol, bridge and a pickaxe. The middle size set 600*600mm refers to the more biological concept through the one scene of cell segmentation and the smallest 450*450mm I put direct biology symbol. 

Final design of the third gear set
Cell segmentation symbol

I tried to represent synthetics through the symbol of the acrylic.

 Acrylic is not only the synthetic material which is best to use, but it also highlights the period when synthetic materials became popular to the public. It was created in the mid-19th century from the liquid aldehyde acrolein. The nineteenth century is well-known for the Industrial Revolution (from about 1760 to between 1820 and 1840). In this period, the use of synthetic materials in textile, machine, chemical and other manufacturing processes started to accelerate because of the development of technology to aid industrial flows. This project looks to celebrate this period through this synthetic concept as the cog is one of the symbols of the industrial period. From this period, synthetic materials such as acrylics and plastic started to become prevalent in manufacturing. 

Using my microscopic yeast video, I desired to modify the scenes using codes. Obviously, my yeast lab experiment was successful and the yeasts were activating lively while budding. But they are not moving dramatically by its own nature. I decided to use OpenCV to make find the movement and put some particles around the movements. Also, I coded another particle system for showing lively motions. As I did in WIP2 show, I coded to change some colour spectrums up to the dataset of yeast.

I prepared three videos following the three gear sets.

Gear set 1 video
Gear set 2 video
Gear set 3 video

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