Yeast Growth

To produce the steady and natural growth of yeast cells firstly I found and eject matter from “agaric honey” fungus which is widely spread in south Russia. To prepare the ground for growing I used sterile 3 lit jar and cover 20% of space with soil. However, according to do dry condition it was covered with 400 ml of water to produce steady evaporation for starting point. As fungus cells growing from consuming other decaying matters I add around 100 gram of white bread. After all, preparations were finished the fungus matter was injected into the central part of the soil and covered with bread. The next stage of the experiment was to provide growing conditions. Luckily the weather conditions at the beginning of July were highly friendly. During the day temperature was 26-28 degrees and drops to 19-22 during the night. Plus it was 4 raining days which provide a natural level of humidity. To prevent fungus death and self-consuming every 48 hours extra matter and water were injecting into the jar to produce more bacteriological food for the fungus. The experimental container was placed in protected from sun-rays space. However, opened for other influences. The full cycle of growing took around 1 week. 

5. July/ Initial set up
5. July
6. July
7. July/ started to have a little fungus (the upper part)
08.July/ more fungus
09.July/ this day was the peak of the fungus
10.July/ started to decrease, decaying
12.July/ more decaying

I used a microscope (100x) and filmed with iPhone 6.

The microscope I used

‘Following videos are the original microscopic videos by me.

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