Review of the tutorial

Before the tutorial with Helen, I already finished writing my draft essay for the tutorial. I knew that this first draft essay has lots of problems though. She recommended me quite a lot of reading lists that are supposed to help to make my point in the writing. According to her feedback, I started to write more examples and explanations using lots of papers and books. Philosophically, the most impressive point was about ‘research-creation’ process thesis by Chis Salter. In his book ‘Alien Agency’, he addressed research-creation practice, in which the split between mind-body, epistemology-ontology, human-nonhuman are blurred, messed up, and mixed together. His opinion in this practice drove me to research about blurring about binary matters. In the scientific approach, my concept of synthetic biology in art field can have a great possibility to research deeply with different materials such as Fernan Federici is working for HaseloffLab, University of Cambridge, he created lots of microscopic images related to synthetic biology like Rhizosphere Microbe Image. His works inspire me a lot in my next research project.

Rhizosphere Microbe Image, Fernan Federici

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