Work In Progress 2 (WIP2)

Due to my decision about putting synthetic biology theme in my art practice, I should scheme the proper division with synthetic, organic and synthetic biology for delivering my concept more efficiently. To show the synthetic part, I used synthetic materials (acrylics) with gears. At the same time, I put the biological symbols on the gears. So the gears rotate, the biological symbols are rotating together and the symbol can be seen efficiently. 

Previous practices, I preferred the automata concept but this time, I’d like to install a motor on the work. To make the more stable movement, coupler helped to connect the main axis -which is supposed to be attached to connected gear- with the servo motor. My servo motor’s head cog size was 6.35mm, so I used 6.35mm to 10mm (axis) on the 10mm diameter acrylic rod.

On the gear, I planned to shoot projector beams and show the computationally coded yeast growing video. I chose the yeast growing as the visual aspect because yeast is the biological things which can grow easily in the lab and also with a microscope, I can check the process of growth with the certain environment such as temperature, sunlight and humidity. To prepare WIP2 show, I didn’t have enough time to grow own yeasts myself, so I decided to use pre-recorded yeast video from “Microcinematography – Joseph V. Durden The Elementary Science Study Film loop ES-11 (1965 Educational Services Inc. (now Educational Development Center, Inc.))”.

For designing coded video, I schemed to use yeast dataset (Predicting the Cellular Localisation Sites of Proteins) to show the yeast are really growing or something is happening with the exact dataset. This time I adjusted the tint colour in the whole video.

Furthermore, I still adhered the box shape of the gear set and used a mirrored background panel for a bit of reflection. The projector was shooting from the front to the frosted layer where is placed in front of gears.

Synbio Life in WIP2 show

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