Concept research (Synthetic Biology)

I was extremely confused that where can I head for my dissertation. I had too wide range and difficult to narrow down. Before the critique session, I prepared to write down everything what I thought about but after critique I decided to focus on the distance especially want to prove the psychological distance due to the materials. Furthermore, make a suggestion about how to make close the distance from the materials. I read quite a lot of ongoing research papers, hypothesises and scientific researches. Among lots of papers, the interdisciplinary ‘Synthetic Biology’ was outstanding for me. 

Before synthetic biology theory, I was hooked up with shadow biosphere hypothesis. Basically, which is about the special environment earth where we live makes all sense of biological sequences. So this a hypothetical microbial biosphere of Earth that uses radically different biochemical and molecular processes than those of current life. This hypothesis inspired my quite a lot of the concept of organic and inorganic. Also, with synthetic biology, this leads me to have big interests about blurring binaries of oppositions. 

Basically synthetic biology is defined as not only the artificial design but also engineering of biological systems and living organisms for the function of enhancing implementations for industry or biological research. 

From these two concepts, I feel like due to the development of the technology and lots of new studies, the two oppositions that I thought never being similar or same can be mixed up. The binary of organic and inorganic seems blurring with some researches like synthetic biology or genetic engineering. This fact is really interesting for me with great attractions in both nature and synthetic stuffs. 

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