About Russia exhibition

After a private tutorial with Helen, I’d got a lot of advice in both physical and philosophical practices. The first thing I could do was making gear set again in my Russia exhibition. I didn’t want to make the same mistake with last term WIP show. I decided to get help from the online tutorials about gear generation and read some books about automata and cogs. Besides, this time I planned to use not only Adobe illustrator, but also take a reference from gear generator especially for better position of all axes. 

I selected acrylics as my work and put some industrial symbols on my gear. These refer not only the city of Saratov(industrial city) but also intended to show the time acrylics appear when is during the industrial revolution. Also, I wanted to show the work seemed as cold as possible. In here, the cold I mean quite far from a biological organism which is using inorganic materials. For showing comparison, I had a work with birds’ feathers though.

Gearset photo during the exhibition in Russia
Design of the gears

The exhibition was successful. However, I was asked by one interviewer, “Does new media art have the same soul as classical fine arts?” I wast thinking what is the classical fine arts she meant and how people are accepting new media art in general art fields. I could guess some answers but those are not guaranteed but one thing ‘sure’ is that some cultural spaces, new media art may be confused about the nature of new media art and feeling the psychological distance comparing to classical paintings or sculptures.

From this idea, I was expanding to reach to write a proper dissertation. There are few things that can be narrowed down more deeply. Such as, how art can be defined, where is the position of new media art, is it different from fine art, why some cultural spaces people are calling only paintings and sculpture as fine art. On the other hands, psychologically which factors can provoke the distance? Is it because of the experiences, materials, processes or other reasons?

Also I exhibit the upgraded version of WIP1 show.

Upgraded version of Lighting box in Russia exhibition
Illustration version

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