Work In Progress 1(WIP1)

I just thought about how can I show my concept through the artwork. In the point, I was getting huge inspiration from clocks(needles are meet each other and separate) and also lots of automata works. Those cogs are usually made them work and I thought the cogs can be a great tool for mixing different colour lights up.

My gear set in the first WIP show

So, I planned to attach wireless lights to the gears and run the gears with hands. I was expecting when the gears rotate slowly, each different colour lights are met with each other and make different new colours.

I had an experience that I created ‘Kinetic bells(2014)’ -which is an automata bell using a few gears- with my friends when I was in the second year of bachelor’s. With this experience, I started to design my first own gear set. The biggest obstacle was to make gears more stabilise and avoiding the shakes when they’re moving. My first try was totally failed. I couldn’t estimate that the subtle differences such as different pitch and spaces make the gear out of the axis easily. The second trial was also not really succeed because I miscalculated the size and the positions of 3 axes.

Kinetic Bell (2014)
Previous artwork with my other friends

Also, I should consider the space for lights. That is the reason why I piled small circular doughnut shape acrylics around the axis. I ended up building a decent outcome but it wasn’t worked as what I initially intended. 

Illustration scheme

The whole appearance was lovely but the gears are easy to be broken when people handled. And also, the lightings are not mixing properly. They just remained as isolated as three different colours. Furthermore, the concept wasn’t really clear so need to make a more specific theme and concept.

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