Interest research(mechanics, light, nature concept)

When I scheme my artwork, firstly I always think about the following three factors- concept, practical work(the way I represent) and theme.

Through my last 5 years of art practices, I realised that I’m quite interested in colourful visual appearances especially lighting or projection mapping mixing with diverse colours. When I see the mixing colours with harmony, I felt quite melancholy and meditating myself. This feeling leads me to the concept of harmony using colours for meditational artworks. 

Recently I read a book named ‘Light Break (Photography/Light Therapy)’ by Nicolai Howalt. This book introduces light therapy physically, for example, people who have a skin disease can be cured under special therapy using light. But the most fascinating thing for me in this book was the photography about different colour and different shapes of lights. The mixture and the forms are amazingly stunning also I feel quite meditate because I knew that the photo is from real light, not photoshop or graphically modified image. I’m sure that the colour mixture by natural lights will guide me to build much better art practice in the final show.

‘Light Break’ Nicolai Howalt

Nature theme has been the most popular theme of my previous artworks. Not only I feel quite fun about the massive distance between nature and digital material, but also I reckon that I feel quite reducing the gap between biological organics and machinery inorganic through the new media artworks with a nature concept. With the same reason, I love when machinery object is showing about the biological aspect.

My previous work ‘Nature Spirit’
Use the theme of nature with computational platforms
(max/msp, processing)

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