Final Project Proposal(+short research paper)




What it the overarching area of research?

  • My main concept of this research is how engaging with art affects the human brain especially using EEG(Electroencephalography). Figuring out how to access to create the artefact using human’s brain waves.


What are the key questions or queries you will address?

  • Is the artefact can affect our brain wave.
  • Furthermore, can the artefact change the emotion or mindset in psychology way?


Why are you motivated to undertake this project?

  • I want to know about a comprehensive range of artworks with psychology and create some artefacts which are strongly affect to audiences. Some artworks are remained in my brain quite long time, my starting point was which point of artworks remains in our head prominently and constantly and what kind of matters affect to our brain.


What theoretical frameworks will you use in your work to guide you?

  • Some articles about human brain, changing brain wave when people see the artworks


What theoretical frameworks will you use in the analysis of your project?

  • Specific data from brain waves changes, each part of brain influenced by the artefacts


How will you document your project?

  • Making new instruction how to make artefacts using human’s brain waves and psychology those are controlled and intended by artists.


Timeline for project milestones

  • 1-2 weeks(researching the articles and making clear my project), 2 weeks(making my own opinion), 1 week(creating the instruction), 1 week(critic)


Budget (if any)

  • If it allows to my budget I want to buy EEG but it’s extremely expensive.(more than 2000£)

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