Political Speech AI(con speech)

Political Speech Generator




made by Valentin Kassarnig at the University of Massachusetts, Amhers




– How does it work
The way it works is quite simple. Kassarnig used a database of almost 4,000 political speech segments from 53 U.S. Congressional floor debates to train a machine-learning algorithm to produce speeches of its own. These speeches consist of over 50,000 sentences each containing 23 words on average. Kassarnig also categorised the speeches by political party, whether Democrat or Republican, and by whether it was in favour or against a given topic.



– What can we expect from Political Speech Generator
Political Speech Generator can be used in variety of places and occasions. It can do difficult and demanding jobs instead of human. Otherwise, as AI has been flourishing, it has a possibility to occur some problems. For example, people can lose their job and People can rely too much on AI both emotional and mechanical.

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