AI as a Tool for Art



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AI as a Tool for Art




– What’s happened to AI

AI has passed both few cold decades and flourish moments. There has been lots of factors why AI had the winter but it can be the main reason that AI is extremely influenced by its economical statement depending on interests of public and technical limitations. Having said that, now AI market has been enlarged in various ways such as toys, vehicles, arts, big data and etc. Thus, making limitations and guide lines seems stupid way for defining what is Artificial Intelligence nowadays with large amounts of data and advanced hardware and software.



– What extend to define AI

Which stuffs can be called AI? This question has been remaining in my brain from the moment I decided to research AI and Arts. I found various examples those are usually called AI by lots of people. However, in my perspective, AI means literally “Artificial Intelligence” it should be able to learn itself, think its own way and make a decision even the decision is not always correct like real human brain. So, I tried to classify all examples that I found to AI and manual. For instance, ‘Deltu’ this stuff has introduced to public as AI has emotion such as anger, sadness and happiness and Deltu can play game with people and even it can take a photo by itself and upload on Instagram. It seems like real artificial intelligence but I reckon it totally follow manual human made. Everything is calculated and more, unexpected things called variables are fully estimated. Therefore, I can not really say Deltu to AI machine.



– Real Artificial Intelligence

And what could be called real Artificial Intelligence? I think I can call AlphaGo to real AI. AlphaGo has shown by google company few years ago and it played Go Game with real Go player and won. The way it won is AlphaGo analyse opposite player’s tactics and plays game. It proves that AlphaGo is able to learn and adapt to various situations.

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